Villages – Lerca

Villages – Sciarborasca

Villages Lerca, church San Berbardo, mountain Argentea.

In the hinterland of Cogoleto you can find two villages, Lerca and Sciarborasca. Lerca has very old origins. In fact we find reference to Lerca in a document dated 21 July 1329 where a member of Columbus families, named Simonino, is mentioned. Furthermore Maria Giusti, wife of Domenico Columbus, the father of Christopher the discoverer of America, came from Lerca. The Marquis and aristocrat Gian Carlo Di Negro from Genoa liked hosting in Lerca famous people such as Silvio Pellico and Giuseppe Mazzini.

View of Cogoleto and hinterland.

View of the hinterland towards Sciarborasca.

Church San Bernardo.

Sciarborasca, even if having more recent origins, is mentioned in a document of the sixteenth century where it is called “Sarborasca”. It has been built on the hill at the bottom of some mountains that give the village a beautiful alpine background. Coming back speaking of the territory the English poet Alfred Tennyson, following his visit to Cogoleto, even if indirectly describe it in a text dedicated to the “young Columbus” with these words: …”I see him now looking at the top of a mountain, later wandering in his boat in a purple bay and then walking silent along the shore”… These are just the characteristics of Cogoleto: the sea, the coast and the mountains (“Sciguelo”,Rama” “Argentea“), so close to the sea that you can see them mirrored in it. At the bottom of these mountains, as mentioned, we find the villages of Lerca and Sciarborasca, the inhabitants of which long ago practiced rural activities. They performed the harvest and transportation of hay and wood bundles used for feeding the furnaces, the cutting of the trees for the construction of ships, the grazing of livestock. Partially those are the same paths that nature lovers, hikers, go through all the year long to appreciate the beauties of the landscape and for the breath-taking panorama at 360°. This area belongs to the “Beigua Park”. 

Typical rural house of Sciarborasca.

Country house museum.

In Lerca is located a church dedicated to San Bernardo while in Sciarborasca you can see the church dedicated to Sant’Ermete and a little museum related to rural activities carried out in the territory. The name of the museum is “Typical rural house of Sciarborasca”.


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