Cogoleto, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, is culture, histori, traditions

Cogoleto, a Ligurian town in the province of Genoa, is located on a strip of land between the sea and the mountains of Beigua Park.

View of Cogoleto.

Detail of the historic center, on the background Mount Rama.

Elaboration by the artist Luca Damonte.

A seaside village . rich in history and traditions related to exploration, maritime transport, fishing and lime manufacture.

Among the famous people born in this place , Christopher Columbus. Recent studies confirm that the Admiral of the Ocean Sea was born in Cogoleto. In this regard, in the historic center you can see the house where he was born . In the town hall is rather guarded one of the oldest and most important portraits of Christopher Columbus . For more info, visit www.cristoforocolombostoria.it (text only in Italian ) .





Cogoleto , once renowned for the manufacture of lime , the territory retains tangible evidence of this ancient industry , already in the fifteenth century . Among the buildings of interest , the parish church of Santa Maria and the Oratory of San Lorenzo .