Cogoleto, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, is culture, histori, traditions

Cogoleto, a Ligurian town in the province of Genoa, is located on a strip of land between the sea and the mountains of Beigua Park.

View of Cogoleto.

 A seaside village . rich in history and traditions related to exploration , maritime transport , fishing and lime manufacture . Among the famous people born in this place , Christopher Columbus . Recent studies confirm that the Admiral of the Ocean Sea was born in Cogoleto . In this regard, in the historic center you can see the house where he was born . In the town hall is rather guarded one of the oldest and most important portraits of Christopher Columbus . For more info, visit www.cristoforocolombostoria.it (text only in Italian ) .

Cogoleto , once renowned for the manufacture of lime , the territory retains tangible evidence of this ancient industry , already in the fifteenth century . Among the buildings of interest , the parish church of Santa Maria and the Oratory of San Lorenzo .